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Don’t want to do this one… xD Number 3

Gah, this one is a hard one to do… But it IS on the list, so it must be done!

03. Seven secrets

#1. I hate the sound of rubber ._.

You know that sound when you rub a balloon? Or when you hear rubber squeak? Yea, I hate that sound so much. It gives me goosebumps, it makes me cringe, it makes me want to cover my ears and it makes me feel just nasty all over. I rather have someone kick me than to hear that sound for more than a few seconds. ._.

#2. I used to play Maplestory all day every day.

Man it was crazy, I been through about five phases of Maple in my life so far. First phases was the newbie one, where I learned about it for the first time and just didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I got to like Level 13 Mage then quit (and it was YEARS and YEARS ago, it was HARD to do that!) Second time was when I did more research and got pass the 2nd job and learned a little more. Got to a Level 52 Cleric then quit. Third time I got back into for a buddy and finally made something other than a mage. Got to Level 42 Assassin then got scammed like a noob xD. Fourth time was my serious one. Got an Aran and just beasted up with that thing. Got to Level 92 and quit. And firth time I got back in was mostly to check with the new updates. I made many many classes that time and I don’t recall which was the highest one I got to. Anyways, yea, I played Maple a lot, and I still want to at time, but my time belongs somewhere more important. <3

#3. I’ve only gone out with Asians O:

 Maybe it was the fact that I was raised around so many of the, or that it is my race, but I’ve dated Asians. I like their long hair and their brown eyes. And I don’t know, but to me, they look super cute at time and they are very beautiful at other times. So yea, I’ve only gone out with Asians…. what chu gunna do about it xD

#4. I “bite” my fingernail.

Though, in all honesty, I don’t see why it’s a bad thing. I mean, your teeth are tools right? You can use them for munching up food, or opening those really annoying plastic packages when you can’t get to a pair of scissors. So why can’t use them to trim down your nails? It just another way to use your teeth. I don’t chew on them or start nibbling on them when I’m nervous or anything. I just do it because I feel like my nails are too long.

#5. I drive horribly when I’m lost.

I drive okay when I feel okay. I might speed a little but hey, who doesn’t? But when I panic and when I think I’m lost, I end up making bad driving choices. ._. Bad turns, speeding too much, braking too hard, this all happens when I’m in a bad mood. Also on a sidenote… I have a weakness for puddles… 

#6. Cherry flavored things are my favorite, and yet, I’m allergic to real cherries. 

It’s not fair. D: In my option, for the most part, cherry flavored candy are normally the best out of any other flavor (sometimes blue overrides red though xD). But I cannot eat real cherries now; they have a bad effect on my poor body. ;-; I remember when I was little kid, I was able to eat them, and I would love eating a whole bowl at a time. Can’t do that anymore. D: Well, I mean I COULD eat them if I really wanted to, but I don’t want to deal with the effects at all ._.

#7. I hold my first kiss and only kisses with the girl I love <3

I’ve only kissed one girl on the lips and I love her so much <3 I love her always and I’m very proud and very glad about that fact. I so happy I share this special thing with the love of my life <3 I love her always~

Gah, this post took too long to do…

Kept saving it to drafts when I couldn’t think of other numbers to post.

Oh well, I think the next one is even harder for me ._. …