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On to post number 2 :D

Yea, I’m not doing day anymore :P I’ll do them whenever I feel like them. And for this one I don’t feel like I can make a super long post and go into detail and stuff. It always hard with things like this ._. Anyways, I should tell you what the post is. xD

02. Ten random facts about yourself

Never liked things like these. Makes me want to go back to all my old Facebook notes post thing that people used to do all the time and see what has changed. xD


I love Homestuck. :D

Homestuck is just a webcomic I keep up to date on. I’ve been reading Homestuck since day it started on 4/13/09 :D Oh dang, that was a long time ago ._. I shouldn’t talk about it too much but if you have the time, you should go look it up and read it :D


Polar bears are my favorite animals ever. :3

I’m sure if you read my last post you all know that I have a stuffed polar bear, and I sure I can say this for anyone, but if you had one main stuffed animal when you were younger, that animal became your favorite. xD Woot woot polar bears FTW!


This computer is old as crap. ):

Okay, maybe its not as old as the oldest crap some person has found, but let’s just say that it’s just about as old as a 4 year old piece of crap. xD I think I got this “laptop” my freshman year of high school, and I’ve had to reset this thing countless times ): It falling apart and now the charger port is broken in such a way, that if I unplug it, it will stop working. So pretty much its been reduced to a desktop. :< Need a new computer soon….


I’m lazy like most other teenagers my age. 

Motivation. I need a lot more of it. My grades will reflect my laziness as well as they are way below Asian standards. :< So yea, I plan on working on that one day…. but just one day in the future. xD


I enjoy cheese….y things :D

Well, hmm, I do enjoy cheese as well xD, but I do like being a “dweeb” sometimes and just doing the strange thing and being myself. Silly and weird, WOOT WOOT XD


I like making music and art~

They are both a part of thing I enjoy doing and they come up in my day to day life :D even when I’m putting a ellipsis down, I always end up doing four dots instead of three because the pattern of four is in music EVERYWHERE. Even if the time signature isn’t common time, there is always a type of four pattern within mostly all of the music you hear anywhere.


There are 8 people living in this house. O:

With so many people in the house, it is never too quiet here. There seems to always be people running around, people on the phone, people making food, etc. Thankfully it does get quiet and peacefully at times like these where I can think in peace. :P


I tend to use emoticons a lot. (no duh xD)

As you can see already, I use emoticons a bunch. Over the years my taste in emoticons has changed a lot. I never liked using the normal “:)” so instead when I started using the internet, I liked using “=)”. And it would go from “=)” to “=D” to “(:” to “^^” and to “:D”. Also, I learned the xD from Kelsey in our CR group

#9. (I can’t believe I’m doing this one…. but I’ve seem to run out of ideas….)

Apparently, I have a big butt….

Yea, I’m pretty much scraping the bottom of this barrel. You know, there has been a lot of on going little silly jokes about me, like the “being a girl” part and “being a stick”. But I afraid that this one is here to stay…. Other have told me over and over again that I have one, so I’ve pretty much started living with this fact

And best for last


I love my girlfriend. <3

I love her with all of my heart. I truly do and I know I say this a lot in my posts sometimes, but she is a part of who I am. My life would be guide less without her and I’m blessed to have her every single day. <3 I love her when things are good in life, and I love her when times are hard as well. And I try telling her I love her as often as I can, with my voice, with my text, with my messages, with my letter, and most of all, with my actions. <3 Hehehe I just love writing her letters and I love how she keeps all of them right beside her. I love her always~

And there is post number 2 guys. :D Let’s see how soon I can get 3 out :P