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25 day challenge :D Let’s go! Number 1!

This is round number 2…
My laptop overheated…
And I had all the way to #3 finished D:
Oh well going to try this again.

25 day challenge :D
I hope I don’t get too lazy with this and I keep this up to date!~
I’m going to put the list here just in case I forget the link. 

Anyways, on to day number one!

01. Five most important/memorable childhood memories

#1 My stuffed polarbear~

Almost everyone had a life toy and mine was a stuffed polarbear. :3 And his name is Mistar Polarbear :D (I think like every kid did that generic name thing, just like Ash, where he would just leave the Pokemon’s name alone and called it what is was xD) I got it as a birthday gift from Tina and Jeff when I was a little kid. Tina and Jeff (if that is how you spell their names) were kids about my age (currently) (that’s like 16, 17 if you have no clue how old I am :P) and they showed me a lot of things even though I didn’t see them much. I remember them showing me Animal Crossing on the Gamecube and letting me play Super Smash Bros. Melee. Tina was also the first one that taught me what a neopet was and I remember it being a new thing. xD So based on that, I’d say I got my bear at about age 5 or 6. I remember it being half my height as well when I first got it and when I when to bed with it. I also remember holding him on those amazing nights and holding him when I felt sad and alone. If someone told me I had to get rid of everything I owned but I would be able to keep one thing, I would choose to keep my stuffed bear. It means so much to me and I’m glad for the gift someone gave me over ten years ago~

Where I started becoming my own person.~

#2 Moving and living in our house in Southlake

I don’t remember much about packing up and moving our of our house in Plano; sadly enough, all I remember was going in a long car ride and living in a big new house. I got the big (but scary ._.) room right above the garage. It was really nice and roomy, although the moonless nights were freaky because you wouldn’t even be able to see your hand right in front of your face ;-;) It was a house in a little valley between the two roads and there was a mini forest (I saw a hawk in there one time!) and creek behind our house. There was this perfect climbing tree that was just right for scurrying up. Too bad it hung over from the neighbor’s yard and when they build a new wall, they chopped that tree down. :< We also had a nice swimming pool in the back where I learned how to swim, a playground that my dad and grandpa build but we ended up never playing on it ._., and a lovely garden in the back where my grandpa would spend a lot of his time growing all the veggies we would need. There was also a up-stair’s patio that has this big wasp’s nest. I remember playing with the wasp and I ended up pissing one of them off and it ended up stinging my sister right on the forehead. xD She would let me forget about what I did to her for a whole week! There was also this one time where I broke a large vase (that probably costed a lot of money ._.) because I was swing around a large stuffed penguin. ._. Oh well then. xD I lived there for about 6 years and I think I made the best childhood memories there~ (highschool does not count as childhood! Just saying~)

Where I learn to adapt to changes and enjoy them, good or bad.~

#3 Working for Dad

I remember the countless hours I’ve spend up at my dad’s office/warehouse. My dad used to have this company named OVA (I don’t remember what it stood for…) and it dealt with wholesale of computer parts and such. There motherboards, power supplies, keyboards, mice, speakers, and a TON of cases. (Literally, there was probably 5 tons of just computer cases in the warehouse.) I’ve probably moved over thousands of computer cases in my lifetime. x_x And mind you, as a little kid, it was kind of hard, :O they weighed about 15 lbs each. I remember spending a lot of time either in the warehouse helping my dad move stuff around or in the office playing my games on the computer. However, the best part was riding around with him on his delivery and getting to see areas around Dallas. Free ice cream and chips ftw. :3

Where I learned to work hard for the things you want.~

#4 The CR

Ah the CR. Our codename for “The ChatRoom”. We were a group of 4 people, Me (Shoyru (look, I still had the neopets thing xD), Kelsey (Chaotic (Fox pair with Tails), Jessica (Dolphin), and Parker (Pikachu, or was it a Pokemon trainer… I can’t remember xD). Anyways we had this big notebook spiral and we would draw our own comic adventures. Each of us would draw a bit of the story line at a time and we would get further and further in the story each day. It was amazing working in a group on this comic story. I think there were like 3 sections of the CR I can remember, the main story line (I remembered we finished three and were on the fourth), the doodle section (just for drawing whatever we felt like), and the CR chatroom. The chat was like a super low tech chatroom. We would write down our name and what we wanted to say afterwords. And we would ended up passing it around our class time and laughing our heads off. One of my favorite things I loved at that school

Where I developed my creativity and my artistic nature.~

#5 All these lights

Now this last one is special to me, even if I didn’t know it at the time. It was when I was a very little child when our family and the Xia’s (another old good family friends) when to Chickasaw to go witness one of the most lovely thing I’ve ever set my eyes on, the Festival of Lights. Remind you, I was little when we when there, so I don’t remember much from it. But there would never be a way I would forget those lights. So many lights, I could have sworn it was a dream because of how long ago it was and how unreal it felt. In fact, I thought it was a really weird but pleasant dream I had as a child. I didn’t even know it was a real place until someone took me last Christmas. <3 And I was so happy to revisit that place. So even though I think much of it at that time, and for the rest of my childhood, I now hold that memory of the past light close to my heart.

Where I was destined and first linked to her <3~ 

Wow, that is a lot of words… Thank you again for anyone that made it this far~ I know it was a lot of letters and random thing to go through, so thank you again. :D If its okay with you, like this or let me know some how that you spend your time reading this.~ Well see you guys for Day 2 tomorrow and have a good night~

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